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March 25, 2020
Russell Lieberman

A market is emerging that offers investors an opportunity to co-own and participate in the financial performance of high-end collectible assets. Services have made investments such as blue-chip art, classic cars, fashion accessories, sneakers, sports memorabilia, wine and more accessible to anyone through fractionalization. Each platform's expert investment team selects which high-end assets to acquire, securitizes them with the Securities & Exchange Commission, and issues fractional shares.

  • Which of these high-end collectible assets will make good investments?
  • What should you look for in making investment decisions?
  • What is the time horizon for a return on investment?
  • What platforms should you use? What are the highlights and shortcomings of each?

Altan covers the collectibles investment markets with digestible financial analysis and news. Whether you're interested in the cultural significance or financial returns of these assets, our research, data, and exclusive interviews will help you make the informed decisions necessary to navigate this new space. Don’t miss out!

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