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Collectible Asset Data

Altan Insights provides data and quantitative analysis to help collectors and businesses navigate the emerging collectible asset markets.
Built on top of the industry’s most comprehensive database of alternative asset sale and transaction information, our data platform empowers investors, financial services professionals, and collectible market stakeholders to research, monitor, analyze, and understand the value and market dynamics of coveted physical assets.
Our coverage universe includes collectibles, art, memorabilia, cards, wine, watches, gems, sneakers, cars, coins and more.
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Alts & Ends: your lively guide to collectible market happenings.
Read weekly by leading industry professionals in fine art, wine & spirits, sports collectibles, luxury, comic books, and more.
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Who We Serve

Visibility into your clients’ collections.
Value-add insights into the markets they care about.
Your clients are passionate about their collections, but to date, you've had little to contribute to the conversation. Whether you are looking to help your clients evaluate collectible asset investment opportunities, or simply aiming to provide a truly holistic view of what they own, our tools can help.

Our datasets provide a markets-oriented window into the opaque and fragmented world of physical collectibles. With access to our critical analysis and reporting tools, advisors and attorneys can manage a more robust picture of client investable net worth and make meaningful contributions to Trust & Estate and accounting conversations.
Wealth & Planning
Comprehensive market comps.
Auction intelligence and appraisal services.
Robust multi-asset class data helps auction houses better manage inventory, derive price estimates, and provide valuable context to bidders.

Leveraged alongside market trend and buyer behavior analysis, deep data empowers better decision making and improved auction outcomes.
Auction Houses
Third-party, data-backed valuation estimates.
Proprietary market value and market-timing insights.
Leverage millions of historical and current data points to make analytical decisions around what to offer or list, and in what price range.

Unbiased, third-party comps and valuation estimates give confidence and context to customers. Our tools empower marketplaces to build trust and transparency with users, leading to higher volumes and more win-win outcomes.
Improve loss and expense ratios.
Increase valuation efficiency and accuracy.
Our data empowers insurance professionals and underwriters with tangible metrics with which to value assets and underwrite policies.

Leverage data-driven decision modeling to improve loss and expense ratios and maintain a clear, real-time understanding of the underlying assets on which policies and their exposure are outstanding
Rich data you won’t find elsewhere.
Context to understand it and take action.
Access the broadest and most robust data source to evaluate investment opportunities across dozens of alternative asset classes. Our data enables investors to develop deeply researched investment theses and topical market analysis, while our research helps contextualize the data, highlighting macro shifts, actionable trends and market dislocations.

Whether you’re interested in broad market diligence or diving deep on specific asset classes, we can help.
Financial Services
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How We Do It

How We Do It

We draw insights from data.
Altan Insights manages a comprehensive database of alternative and collectible asset information. We aggregate millions of historical and ongoing datapoints from a vast network of marketplaces and auction houses, covering sales and transaction data for over 20 collectible asset classes.
The landscape of this data is vast and extensive. Our research team synthesizes and distills the data, providing important and actionable insights to demystify these fragmented and opaque markets. Collectible markets are known for their nuance and complexity; shying away from that nuance yields inaccurate and inapplicable conclusions. We decipher the nuance and complexity of these markets in describing how they perform and why they perform that way.
Altan’s proprietary research and analytics, overlaid with our databases, empower institutions and businesses with access to the information they need to invest in and fully understand the dynamics around markets of things.
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Use this form to get in touch and see how we can help with your collectible asset data and research needs.
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