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The Sports Collectibles Market 1Q 2024

The Sports Collectibles Market 1Q 2024

With the exception of a few bright spots, 2023 was a challenging year in the sports collectibles market. Did the first quarter of 2024 offer more of the same, or is a reversal in fortunes underway? If there aren’t signs of a turning tide...perhaps at least there are calmer seas.

Is the mix-shift towards vintage and away from modern at the high end of the market complete, or is it still ongoing? Is game-worn faltering under the weight of massive expectations? All will be answered.

This in-depth research report from Altan Insights examines auction sales, market performance, and much more to understand how the market held up across categories, eras, and sports. Game-worn vs. cards. Vintage vs. modern. Physical vs. digital.

Whether you work in the industry, collect assets, or invest, the information needed to keep your finger on the pulse of the sports collectibles market is here, captured and made digestible.

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