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The Music Memorabilia Guide to the Market

The Music Memorabilia Guide to the Market

Music memorabilia is a loudly sleeping giant. Backed by legions of fans devoted to their artists of choice, the music memorabilia category is capable of generating headline sales of museum-quality assets, and it does so frequently. Iconic artists serve as the soundtrack to our lives, establishing deep emotional bonds that foster nostalgia, and that nostalgia inspires collecting pursuits. The music memorabilia category spans assets from large to small, rare to common, and obvious to niche. At the expensive end of the spectrum are stage-played guitars and instruments, as well as stage-worn outfits. At the more accessible end, both in size and price, are items like trading cards and guitar picks, in addition to miscellaneous items amounting to a rock star’s garage sale. Myriad assets of varying attributes - concert posters, handwritten lyrics, autographs, ticket stubs, apparel, and others - fill the middle ground. In our inaugural report on the music memorabilia, we provide insight and background on:

  • Trends in market volume and the composition of the market
  • The extent to which the market is skewed towards artists of an older generation versus those more relevant to younger demographics
  • The importance of provenance and the outsized impact of single-owner sales direct from artists and estates
  • Key facts and figures in relevant categories like instruments, artist-worn items, posters, vinyl, and more
  • The impact of select, global icons on the market, with detail on their notable sales 

Whether you're new to the category, a casual observer, or an avid participant, all can better understand the intricacies and nuances of this vast but fascinating market.

This report is presented by The Realest, the first dedicated authentication standard and marketplace for entertainment memorabilia.

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