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Collectible Market Briefings - September 2022

Collectible Market Briefings - September 2022

For most asset classes, the spring and summer of 2022 were incredibly turbulent times, and the case was often no different in collectible categories. After multiple boom years fueled by easy monetary policy, monetary and fiscal stimulus, technological advancement, and speculative momentum, positive sentiment quickly eroded over the last few months, as it did across the financial spectrum. Inflation ran rampant, the Fed promised heavy-handed action to subdue it, and economic growth quickly became the suspected collateral damage.

Suddenly, speculation on many collectible assets faded out of vogue, and the most speculative market participants headed straight for the exits. In many portions of the market, values plummeted and spring 2021 highs felt like very distant memories.

Be that as it may, news and performance were not unanimously poor, and there's been no shortage of (very) bright spots in 2022. Now that markets seem to be stabilizing from a perceived freefall in the middle stages of the year, we thought it prudent to check in on each major, collectible asset class in a quickly digested format - our first Collectible Market Briefings!

Find out how each asset class has held up in 2022, what storylines and trends have shaped performance, how various categories have stood up to recessionary conditions in the past, and what collectors and investors should keep an eye on in the closing months of the year.

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