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Trades and Trends by Altan Insights: January 22, 2022

Trades and Trends by Altan Insights: January 22, 2022
January 22, 2022
Bradley Calleja

Join Altan Insights as we highlight trading activity across the various alternative marketplaces with a combination of charts and penned analysis to help investors track trends and price movements that impact their portfolio.


Note: Only assets that traded for the entire week are included in data calculations and graphs.

For the third consecutive week, performance on Otis climbed slightly. Last week, the platform closed with a 2.02% average after gaining 2.08% last week. Once again though the median return finished with a 0% ROI, signaling a continuation of a trend that involves large gains and losses while the majority of assets remaining unchanged. The Dior Air Jordan 1 Low's nearly doubled their market cap week over week with a gain of 95% to lead all assets while the 2012 Anthony Davis RPA climbed 76%. The Davis rookie card is still down -56% overall since IPO and the impressive leap in price this week was attributed to seven total shares changing hands. Daniel Arsham's Grey Selenite Newspaper Machine moved 46.35% to set the pace for art while the Michael Jordan Rookie Signed AJ1's added 42.86% to lead sports memorabilia. Sports demonstrated strong performance on Otis as memorabilia moved 5.82% higher and cards climbed 5.50% on average. Sports memorabilia has now gained over 10% in the last two weeks on Otis. Six total asset classes closed in the green this week on average as Art added 2.69% while comic books bounced 2.58%.

NFTs and video games fell flat overall as digital art fell -5.93% on average and games dropped -4.06%. The worst-performing asset this week was a pair of sneakers- the Yeezy Collection II which fell -33.93%. The WATA 9.4 graded copy of NES Metroid moved -32% lower while Meebit #12536 slipped -22.22%. Card games were the only other asset class to trade negatively on average this week as the sector closed with a -0.61% return after leading all asset classes last week with an 18.69% ROI. In total, 113 different assets traded the entire week on Otis and sports cards were the most represented sector with 35 offerings on their secondary market.


Note: Only assets that trade for the entire week are included in data calculations and graphs.

In true Ozzie Smith fashion, the Hall of Fame shortstop flipped his week over week return as the 'Wizard of Oz' climbed from the bottom of the returns to the top. Last week, the 1979 Topps Ozzie rookie card fell -35.03% but this week, the BVG 9.5 graded card climbed 43.48% to lead all assets. Even with the impressive gains from Ozzie, the average return on Collectable slipped back into the red after finishing green last week. The average return closed -2.10% this week after gaining 1.27% previously. Sports memorabilia set the pace on Collectable as the asset class finished with a 1.25% average return compared to the -3.02% return from sports memorabilia. This is a switch from last week as cardboard finished that time period with a 1.66% ROI vs a -0.11% showing from memorabilia. This week, the pair of Game Used and Signed Giannis sneakers gained 43.27% while the Sadaharu Oh Bat bounced 24.17% higher. Sports cards were led by the 1997 Brown's Boxing Floyd Mayweather card which climbed 34.15% and the Ted Williams 1939 Play Ball Rookie which added 31.22%. The Mayweather rookie card was the worst-performing card on Collectable last week as it fell -44.97%.

The Corey Seager Orange Refractor basket bounced -46.27% lower to close as the worst-performing asset this week while the 2006-07 Chris Bosh fell -37.04%. Interestingly, both assets finished among the top ten best-performers last week- possibly signaling some profit taking after both climbed more than 30%.

Boxing was the best-performing sport this week with an 11.57% average ROI while golf gained 1.13% on average. Football added 0.76% and wrestling closed 0.08% higher. Basketball assets dropped -4.54% while soccer stumbled this week with a -3.81% return. Tennis was the best performing sport last week after gained 4.79% but tumbled -2.86% this week.


There was a plethora of attention this week surrounding the first trading sessions for the Declaration of Independence, and the attention was warranted. The Broadside copy climbed 52% and moved its market cap over $3 million. Unfortunately, other assets did not follow suit and the average return on Rally finished at-3.69% with a median ROI of -0.13%. This marks the third straight week of negative returns on Rally as the platform has experienced sell-offs since the initiation of their new real-time trading.

The 1941 DC Comics Batman #6 finished runner-up to the Declaration with a 47.62% gain with the 1958 Quigol Pele Rookie Card climbed 36.36%. Memorabilia moved 6.22% higher and was aided by the Declaration return. Comic books were the only other asset class to close with a positive average ROI though with a 3.75% gain and the sector is now up 8.43% over the last two weeks.

For the second straight week, card games continued to crumble on Rally as the asset class fell -12.47% after dropping -11.15% last week. Books dropped -11.74% this week while video games slipped -10.43%. This marked the first week since Rally started real-time trading that at least three asset classes dropped double-digits on average. Wine moved 12.49% higher last week but fell -6.61% this week while sports memorabilia moved -3.64% lower. In total, 138 different assets traded the entire week on Rally with sports cards representing 48 of those assets. The asset class fell for the second straight week, dropping -1.65% after previously losing -2.79%. For investors looking for more information on which assets make-up which asset class, head over to our platform and check out our easy to use sortable tools!

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