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Trades and Trends by Altan Insights: January 15, 2022

Trades and Trends by Altan Insights: January 15, 2022
January 15, 2022
Bradley Calleja

Join Altan Insights as we highlight trading activity across the various alternative marketplaces with a combination of charts and penned analysis to help investors track trends and price movements that impact their portfolio.


Note: Only assets that traded for the entire week are included in data calculations and graphs.

For the second straight week, performance closed positive on Otis as the platform was led by five different assets that gained at least 65%. The median ROI closed without change and 113 offerings traded across different ten asset classes. Leading the way this week was the First Edition Pokémon Blastoise which climbed 128.33%. The Blastoise card was the biggest loser last week, falling -59.07% and even after a massive gain this week, the PSA 10 graded example is still down -31.5% since IPO. The 2009 Bowman Chrome Mike Trout gained 113.33% to finish the week as the runner-up and the Trout rookie refractor is now up 28% over the last month. Last week, the Trout card was the third worst-performing asset on Otis after it fell -39.71%. Interestingly, the three worst-performing assets last week all displayed strong recoveries and gained at least 65% this week. The 2019 Zion Williamson Blue Ice Rookie Card slipped -55.8% last week but rebounded for a 65.57% gain over the last five days.

The 1996 Topps Allen Iverson Rookie Card fell -38.7% while the the five pairs of Air Jordan 1's dropped -38.07%. In total, five assets fell more than -25% while eight offerings gained at least 25%.

Performance by asset class also demonstrated a bounce-back as card games fell -17.97% on Otis last week but gained 18.69% this week. Sports memorabilia moved 5.12% higher and the asset class is now up over 20% over the last fourteen days. Sneakers gained 4.4% while sports cards climbed 2%. Memorabilia and art were the basement dwellers this week with average returns of -2.75% and -2.70% respectively. With limited action their secondary market, performance has been volatile on Otis with double and triple digit price swings occurring daily. This has provided investors with an opportunity to capitalize on the fluctuations and take advantage of price discrepancies between recent comps.


Note: Only assets that trade for the entire week are included in data calculations and graphs.

Performance closed with a slight positive gain this week on Collectable as ten different assets closed at least 17% higher week over week. With the NFL playoffs looming, investors have made their breakout candidate clear as Josh Allen's 2018 Gold Refractor Rookie Card climbed 100%. The Josh Allen rookie is now up 461% over the last six months and 360% since IPO. It is also worth noting is that no other NFL card was featured among the top ten performing assets and actually, Josh Allen is the only active NFL player to have an asset gain more than 10% over the last two weeks on Collectable. The 2015 Bowman Gleyber Torres Chrome Orange Refractor gained 56.7% this week to finish runner-up on Collectable with the Chris Bosh Air Force 25 Game-Worn Sneakers soared 54.29%. The Torres rookie card is still down -53% overall since IPO while the Bosh sneakers has slipped -46% even with this weeks price pop. Last week, the Mike Tyson Supersport Basket fell -50.91% but the bundle of Tyson cards fought back this week, gained 47.9%. Sports cards closed with a 1.66% average return while sports memorabilia slipped -0.11% lower.

There was a strong shift in performance by sport this week as six different sports closed with positive returns after only one finished in the green last week. Tennis-related assets climbed 4.79% while football added 2.49%. Basketball and golf also closed with positive averages as they gained 1.61% and 1.50% respectively. Two sports finished with negative average returns as hockey assets closed -1.25% lower and boxing bounced -0.73%. Boxing assets have struggled recently on Collectable as the sport fell -17.06% last week. In total, 152 different assets traded the entire week on Collectable, the most of any alternative asset platform. The average return closed at 1.27% with a median ROI of 0%.


While performance improved slightly week over week, the platform still closed with a negative average return. There was one asset that gained triple digits as the 1998 PlayStation Grand Theft Auto doubled its market cap after falling -37.5% last week. The second best performing asset was the 2013 Domain Dujac Chambertin which added 54.44%. The Chambertin is now up 74% since IPO and is the best-performing vino on Rally. Rounding out the top three performers this week was the 1962 Marvel Fantastic Four #5 which climbed 37.10% and is now up 59.38% since IPO.

In its first week of real-time trading, the 2007 Topps Orange Refractor Kevin Durant Rookie Card fell -60.77%, falling slightly more than the 1996 Topps Finest Kobe Bryant which dipped -60%. The Kobe rookie is now down -70.91% since IPO and is currently the worst-performing asset on Rally. Pokémon video games stumbled this week as the 1998 versions of Blue and Red dropped -43.10% and -43.64% respectively. Books bounced lower on average with.a -4.31% average return which was guided by Carroll's 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland' which dropped -30.23%.

NFTs were the best performing asset class this week as non-fungible offerings climbed 12.91% on average. The sector is now up 23% over the last 14 days on Rally and was led this week by Bored Ape #601 which added 24.06% to its market cap. Wine closed as runner-up, finishing with a 12.49% ROI and marking the third straight week of positive performance for vino on Rally. Comic books climbed 4.68% while video games added 3.44% on average. Card games continued to lag as pocket-monsters fell -11.15% on average. Luxury dropped 6.53% after losing -15% last week and memorabilia moved -5.3% lower. Sports cards were the most represented asset class to trade on Rally this week with 43 offerings and the sector slipped -2.79%. Overall, 120 different assets traded with a -1.29% average returns and a -1.28% median. For investors looking for more information on which assets make-up which asset class, head over to our platform and check out our easy to use sortable tools!

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