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Trades and Trends by Altan Insights: February 12, 2022

Trades and Trends by Altan Insights: February 12, 2022
February 12, 2022
Bradley Calleja

Join Altan Insights as we highlight trading activity across the various alternative marketplaces with a combination of charts and penned analysis to help investors track trends and price movements that impact their portfolio.


For the second consecutive week, assets on Collectable closed in the green as the platform delivered an average ROI of 1.95% with a median return of 0%. In total, ten different assets gained at least 23% while four assets lost -23% or more. There were four different assets that gained more than 35.7% and no assets that dropped more than that amount. Sports cards outpaced sports memorabilia this week with a 2.6% average ROI compared to a -0.28% return for game worn/used.

For the second straight week, performance on Collectable was led by a Trae Young card. Last week, the 2018 Trae Young Flawless RPA gained 80.49% and this week, the green variation climbed 106.9%. The 2013 National Treasures Giannis RPA gained 45.67% to finish in second and much of that gain occurred late in the week before a buyout offer was announced. Sports memorabilia was led by the 1996 Kobe Bryant Game Worn Sneakers which gained 44.87% and the Chicago Bulls Hardwood which moved 33.84% higher. One asset that demonstrated an impressive bounce back was the Jasson Dominguez Bowman Chrome Orange Refractor which climbed 35.71% after the card had previously been down -37.5% since IPO. Basketball was the best-performing sport with a 5.2% average return while football and baseball bounced 1.58% and 0.70% higher respectively.

The worst-performing asset this week was the Michael Porter Fastbreak Basket which fell -35.56% and the 1956 Topps Willie Mays card which dropped -29.63%. Boxing was the worst-performing sport this week with a -6.27% average return while golf slipped -5.13% and hockey fell -4.76%.

Assets to watch for next week:

1956 Topps Willie Mays

1910 Ty Cobb E98 Card


Sports cards shined while sports memorabilia stumbled this week on Otis. The platform closed with a -0.16% average ROI as 112 different offerings traded durning the week. The Chris Gibbs X Otis Collection climbed 41.42% to lead all assets while the Tens by Nike fell -37.8% to close as the worst performing offering. Sports cards moved 2.04% higher and were led by the 2013 Giannis RPA while added 20.18% while the 2014 Panini Prizm Lionel Messi rookie card climbed 17.65%. The Giannis card was one of the worst-performing assets last week and fell -16.79% while sports cards closed with a -2.58% average ROI. This week though, five of the top 10 performing assets on Otis were sports cards and all five were examples of modern cardboard. Art and sneakers also closed with positive returns as the sectors gained 1.04% and 0.39% respectively.

Sports memorabilia fell -7.13% and the losses were driven by the Michael Jordan AJ1 Player Exclusives which tumbled -31.48%. Memorabilia dropped -5.07% while card games slipped -3.02%. Comic books were the best performing asset class last week after closing with a 14.89% gain but the sector fell -0.76% this week.

Assets to watch for next week:

Super Mario Bros. 3

Michael Jordan AJ1 Player Exclusives


After last week delivered a positive average return on Rally, this week delivered a return to red. The average return on Rally was -1.19% with a median ROI of -0.68% across 194 different assets. Performance was driven lower by a combination of modern sports cards and rare books which have continued to lag the field on Rally's secondary market.

In an interesting trend this week, there was a tie for the title of best-performing asset this week as both Bored Ape #7359 and the 1960 Muhammad Ali Rookie Card climbed 62.5%. There was also a tie for the second best-performing asset, as the 1994 Michael Jordan Baseball Cleats finished in with a 42.86% return and the 1973 Marvel Ghost Rider #1 closed with the same weekly ROI. The Bored Ape performance helped NFTs close as the best-performing asset class this week with a 6.6% average ROI while comic books climbed 2.56%. Sports memorabilia and video games also finished with positive returns as the sectors closed 2.34% and 2.46% higher respectively. The T206 Honus Wagner climbed 12% this week and reached $2 million for the first time ever.

The bottom three assets this week on Rally were all sports cards from the 21st century. The 2003 UD Exquisite Patches Kobe Bryant Card fell -60% while the 2004 Extra Exquisite LeBron James dropped -40% and the 2001 UD Tiger Woods tumbled -33.95%. Books bounced -9.26% lower to close as the worst-performing asset class this week and the sector was driven lower by Shakespeare's 'Comedies, Histories, & Tragedies which fell -30.69%. Wine fell -3.08% on average while luxury lost -2.89%.

Assets to watch for next week:

2001 UD Tiger Woods Rookie Card

Jack Kerouac: On the Road

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