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Headlines and Highlights: Week of March 29th

Headlines and Highlights: Week of March 29th
March 29, 2024
Keenan Flack

Action Comics #1 on Track to Set New Record Price

A highly sought-after Action Comics #1, known as the Kansas City Pedigree, is positioned to become the most expensive public sale of a comic book to date. With the current bid standing at $4,250,000, and reaching $5,100,000 after fees, it's already on track to best the current record set by a $3.6M copy of “Amazing Fantasy #15”. This particular issue is notable for being one of only four pedigreed copies of Action Comics #1, which features the first appearance and origin story of Superman, marking a significant moment in both publishing and pop culture history.

The Kansas City Pedigree copy is distinguished by its remarkable condition, rated VF+ 8.5 by CGC, making it the highest-graded unrestored copy among the pedigreed versions known. Its rich colors, sharp corners, and almost pristine cover, despite being 85 years old, set it apart as a breathtaking example of comic book history. The importance of this comic extends beyond its physical condition; it represents the birth of the superhero genre and the cultural impact of Superman. HERITAGE

The current record for an Action Comics #1 stands at $3,250,000 sold at Comic Connect in 2021. 

Formula 1 and Topps Renew Licensing Deal

Formula 1 has renewed its exclusive trading card and sticker partnership with the Fanatics-owned Topps, ensuring that Topps remains the official licensee for the renowned global racing series. The relationship began in 2020, covering the production of trading card and sticker collections for the F1, F2, and F3 series. This deal will allow Topps to feature prominently at multiple Grand Prix events throughout the 2024 FIA Formula One World Championship, starting with the Austrian Grand Prix in late June, where exclusive cards will be available on-site.

Both entities expressed enthusiasm about the renewal, highlighting the importance of creative partnerships in attracting and engaging diverse audiences. Emily Prazer, Chief Commercial Officer for F1, emphasized the role of innovative partners like Topps in the sport's growth, while Kelvin Smith, Senior Vice President of Global Licensing and Partner Development at Fanatics Collectibles, mentioned the mutual benefits of the partnership in bringing fans and collectors closer to their favorite teams and drivers. SCDAILY

Collectible Happenings

Rally is IPOing the suit worn by Tony Montana worn during the wedding scene in ‘Scarface’. Shares are priced at $10 imputing a market cap of $20,000. RALLY

Bloomberg put out an article detailing Michael Rubin’s growing control of the trading card market. One interesting quote: “MLB wouldn’t share sales numbers, but a person familiar with its business says the league’s card sales have doubled in the two years since Topps’ ownership changed.” BLOOMBERG

Sothebys announces “Moutai Extravaganza| The Inaugural Live Sale” In which they will sell 274 lots of the Chinese Liquor. SOTHEBYS

Topps/Fanatics is concluding its exclusive deal with Caitlin Clark by releasing a high-end, online exclusive trading card product dedicated to the Iowa Hawkeyes star, priced at $850, making it the priciest trading card product for a female athlete. The "Collegiate Campaign" boxed set offers a career retrospective of Clark, including an autograph or autograph relic card, a relic card, and a pack of base and parallel cards, with shipping to begin 40-45 business days post-order receipt. SCDAILY

Beloved minimalist artist, Richard Serra, dies at 85. He is best known for his monumental steel sculptures that have been exhibited in museums worldwide. ARTNET

An untitled 1984 painting by Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat is set to be auctioned at Sotheby’s this May, with an estimated value of $18 million, marking a significant increase from its last sale price of $2.65 million in 2010. This piece, part of a polarizing series created by the duo between 1984 and 1985, is highlighted as the apex of their collaboration and is expected to perform well, following a record $11.3 million sale for a Basquiat-Warhol painting in 2014. ARTNEWS

The Donald Judd Foundation is suing Kim Kardashian for mistakenly claiming a set of tables in her Skkn by Kim company offices were designed by Donald Judd, as revealed in a 2022 promotional video. The lawsuit alleges trademark and copyright infringement by the West Hollywood firm Clements Design, which created the tables, and stresses the Judd Foundation's strict policy against using Judd's furniture for marketing, amidst failed negotiations for an amicable resolution between the parties involved. ARTNEWS

A Steve Jobs signed business card has set the record for the most expensive signed Jobs card. It sold for a stunning $181,183 at RR Auction in a sale made up of 120 Jobs and Apple lots. RRAUCTION

Darren Rovell announces the forthcoming launch of his new collectibles media enterprise, CLLCT. The new venture intends to cover collectibles and memorabilia as an asset class starting April 8th. CLLCT

Check out this week’s Alts and Ends where we cover the results from Heritage’s Planet Hollywood sale and the RR Apple sale! ALTS & ENDS

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