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Auction Action: Goldin Holiday Auction Preview

Auction Action: Goldin Holiday Auction Preview
January 7, 2022
Bradley Calleja

Goldin Auction Preview

Goldin will close their Holiday Auction on January 8th and 9th and the event is loaded with high profile offerings and a plethora of direct comps to fractional assets. Altan Insights will complete a full review of the auction at the conclusion of the event.

Lots to Watch 

Reg-A investors will have their first comps of 2022 for multiple assets this weekend including a sale for a previously accepted buyout offer. 2021 was a banner year in the hobby but it is now time to look forward as the first blue-chip sales of 2022 are struck this weekend. Let's preview the lots and offerings that could give investors a sense of direction as cards and memorabilia head into a new year.

Lot #1

2003-04 UD "Exquisite Collection" Rookie Patch Autograph (RPA) #78 LeBron James Signed Patch Rookie Card /99 (PSA 8.5)

Collectable has a BGS 8.5 that is currently priced at $1,111,500 and has dropped -14.5% since IPO. The Collectable card carries impressive sub-grades that actually average 9, the card only received an 8.5 due to it having an 8 for corners. On August 30th, Goldin sold a BGS 9 for $2 million, and with this pop 1 PSA 8.5 already priced at $912,000 through the first 17 bids, the LeBron market could be off to a hot start in 2022.

Lot #2

1961-62 Fleer #8 Wilt Chamberlain Rookie Card (PSA 9)

On April 4, 2021, Collectable sold this exact card for $200,000, and investors accepted a buyout offer 5 days later for $350,000. The 66.5% ROI in less than a week is nothing to scoff at but investors will be able to see how their decision has paid off nine months later. The Wilt rookie sits at $342,000 through 16 bids with less than two days remaining in the event. 

Lot #25

1986-87 Fleer #57 Michael Jordan Rookie Card (PSA 10)

The first PSA 10 Fleer Jordan Rookie Card sale of 2022 could give investors a sense of direction heading into the new year. The last example to sell at Goldin went for $312,000 on December 18th, a slight downtrend compared to sales in November/October. This example on Goldin has strong eye appeal with impressive centering and has already reached $312,000 in its first 14 bids.

Lot #28

1999 Pokemon Game 1st Edition Holographic #4 Charizard (PSA 10)

Less than 4% of the total graded population of 1st Edition Holo Charizard’s have earned a PSA 10 and one of those is currently trading on Rally, while another, will sell at Goldin this weekend. Considered the grail from the 1st Edition set, Goldin sold their first-ever Charizard rookie card on September 19th for $270,600. Rally has a PSA 10 that is trading at a $211,750 market cap and is already priced below the example selling at Goldin this weekend. The Goldin pocket monster has reached $228,000 with less than 48 hours remaining.

Lot #30

2000 UD SP Authentic #118 Tom Brady Rookie Card /1250

While there are numerous TB12 rookie cards for sale at Goldin this weekend that are comparable to fractionalized cards, the 2000 SP Authentic is the only one that is currently carried by all three primary alternative asset platforms. Collectable and Otis both have PSA 10’s with the Collectable copy currently carrying a $124,300 market cap and the Otis card priced at $111,300. Rally has a BGS 10 that is trading at a $204,750 market cap. BGS 10 examples historically carry a 1.4x - 1.6x multiple compared to PSA 10’s. Goldin’s PSA 10 has a current bid of $103,200.

Lot #216

2003 Netpro Elite Glossy #G2 Serena Williams Rookie Card /100

Considered one of the premier Serena Williams rookie cards, Goldin has a 2003 NetPro Elite Glossy /100 graded PSA 10 that is priced at $30,000 through 31 bids. This price is already the most ever for a Serena card from this set and continues a trend that started in 2021 as money was loaded into select Serena rookie cards. Otis has a BGS 9.5 that is currently trading at an $18,032 market cap and has gained 22.35% over the last month. 

Fractional Wish List

This section highlights assets that would fit in the fractional world but have not been offered as of publication. 

In the 21st century, sports fans have been privileged to live during the career of the greatest player in NFL history. Not the most athletic, or most talented, but has established himself as the most prolific winner in the history of America’s game. When Tom Brady left New England after six Super Bowl victories and three league MVP awards, the jury was out on whether the so-called ‘system quarterback’ could reach the top with a coach not named Bill Belichick. Brady proved the doubters wrong as he guided the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to their second Super Bowl title and closed the 2020 season on an eight-game winning streak. Tampa is 12-4 this season with one game remaining in the regular season and already preparing for a repeat run at the crown with TB12 at the helm. 

Goldin Auctions has a true grail from the G.O.A.T up for auction this weekend with a Game-Used and Photo Matched Brady Jersey. Game-used jersey’s from Brady are exceptionally rare since the legend keeps most of them for himself. This particular jersey is from January 3, 2021, the final game before Brady and the Bucs would go on their playoff run towards their Super Bowl win. Not only is the jersey signed by Brady, but it is also inscribed with ‘SB LV MVP’ and ‘G.O.A.T’. This is the only known jersey inscribed by Brady with the acronym for Greatest of All Time. Game-worn memorabilia IPO’s have been limited on fractional platforms and this jersey would without question be the most attractive and valuable football jersey on any alternative asset marketplace to date. The jersey has reached $390,000 heading into the weekend and will easily surpass $500,000 by auction close.

While many modern basketball cards have stumbled over the last few months, one player is seeing strong appreciation in values and is lined up to have their six-figure sale at Goldin this weekend. In October, Goldin sold a Panini National Treasures Green Anthony Edwards RPA /5 for $169,200, setting a new ceiling for the 2nd year superstar’s rookie card prices. Goldin now has a Panini National Treasures RPA Anthony Edwards that is from a print run of three cards. 

The card features the young guards' on-card signature in blue ink and has features a Nike swoosh patch that is threaded with the Minnesota Timberwolves ‘midnight blue’ coloration. To date, there have been IPO’s for up-and-coming players like Ja Morant and Zion Williamson, but none from the first pick of the 2020 NBA draft. Through 32 games this season, Edwards is averaging 22.3 points, 5.6 rebounds, 3.5 assists, and 1.6 steals per game.

Incredibly rare and virtually unknown to those outside of the hobby, the 1952 Berk Ross set is a 72 card series that features some of the biggest post-war names to ever step onto the diamond during baseball’s golden age. Known for its grainy images and unnumbered cards, the Berk Ross set is shrouded in mystery and controversy, as the source of the cards and their lack of any official license has raised questions and lawsuits over the last seventy years. The set was initially produced in 1951 but it is the 1952 issue that packs a star-powered punch. Featuring names like Joe DiMaggio, Ted Williams, Jackie Robinson, and Bob Feller, the cards did not display any copyright note since the legality of the production was never confirmed. 

Goldin Auctions has two cards from the ‘52 set, one is a Willie Mays graded PSA 9 and the other is a Mickey Mantle graded PSA 8. The Mickey Mantle is particularly interesting because the image on the card is the same image used by Bowman for their 1951 Mickey Mantle. PSA 8 graded examples of the Bowman Mantle have reached $615,000 while this Berk Ross card will likely peak around $100,000. There are no gem mint cards from the 1952 Berk Ross set and only 5,591 total cards have ever been graded by PSA. For reference, over 278,000 cards have been graded from the 1952 Topps edition and 77,000 from the Bowman series. There have been 334 Berk Ross Mickey Mantle’s graded and none have earned a PSA 10 while 236 Berk Ross Willie Mays cards are in the PSA database with zero 10’s. The pair of legends from this set on Goldin are within the top 1% of both populations from a series that is largely under-appreciated and just beginning to see price appreciation on secondary markets.   

One emerging card sector that is displaying strong recent appreciation is Fleer Marvel Precious Metal Gems. In light of a record-breaking box office result for Marvel’s “Spider-Man: No Way Home”, Goldin is offering a 2013 Fleer Retro Marvel Precious Metal Blue Spider-Man /50 card graded BGS 9. Sales for this card peaked at $72,000 in December, near the launch weekend of the movie and since then, the film has become the first to surpass $1 billion in sales since 2019 (i.e. pre-Covid). 

While comic books have shown strong performance on Rally and Otis, no platform has offered any superhero cardboard and this timely example could be a great addition. The Goldin card has attracted 31 bids and reached $48,000 heading into the final day of the event.

There are plenty of impressive cards and memorabilia up for auction this weekend at Goldin but one of the more unique offerings is not game-worn or cardboard. Instead, it is a passport from one of soccer’s greatest legends. Lot #129 at this Holiday Auction is a 1996 Diego Maradona Argentina Passport which has already reached $12,000 with one bid. That single bid alone has made the passport the most expensive ever sold by Goldin, surpassing an 1813 Napoleon Bonaparte Ship’s Passport that was sold in 2015 for $7,865. 

The Maradona passport includes a signature from the World Cup champion and displays numerous stamps and use from the midfielder’s later years. The final price will be interesting to watch as the current bid has already surpassed the appraised fair market value for a PSA 8 graded 1979 Panini Maradona rookie card and is nearing the value of a PSA 9. The first fractional passport is bound to come around soon enough and an IPO of one that was once carried by one of soccer’s most recognizable legends feels like a great fit for a portfolio.

Cards with Catalysts

This feature includes assets with an upcoming event that could impact the short-term value of the card or collectible. 

As the final bids come through at Goldin this weekend, the final snaps of the 2021 NFL regular season will be occurring in cities across the country. Attention will then turn towards the playoffs, as 14 teams will vie for a spot on the biggest stage in sports. 

With a new era of quarterbacks emerging, there are a few names that could take massive steps towards cementing their legacy as the face of the league. One player who will need to take a step this week is Justin Herbert, who will look to guide the Los Angeles Chargers to their first playoff birth since 2018. Herbie and the bolts will need to knock off the Las Vegas Raiders to solidify their inclusion in the playoffs and card prices are already reflecting a level of anticipated success from the young signal-caller. Goldin has already sold 7 Herbert rookies for six figures and they have at least one more that has already surpassed $100,000. The 2020 Panini Flawless Shield Signatures Herbert is a 1 of 1 Patch Auto that has attracted 8 bids and sits at a $108,000 price tag heading into the weekend.  

Kyler Murray and the Arizona Cardinals are closing in on their best season since 2015 and Goldin has a blue-chip 1 of 1 Murray Patch Auto that has already established itself as the most expensive Murray card sold by the auction house. The card is graded BGS 8 and has reached $96,000 through two early bids. 

Two more established players- Josh Allen and Dak Prescott have also led their respective teams to the postseason and both quarterbacks have cards with potential price catalyst depending on their on-field performance throughout January. The most expensive Prescott card sold by Goldin is a Panini Gold Prizm /10 for $43,200 in October and the auction house now has a 1 of 1 NFL Shield Auto that has not attracted a bid but is priced at $20,000. Josh Allen cards have experienced strong returns this year as the Bills QB continues to impress with one of the NFL’s most dynamic passing attacks and the top Allen card at this Goldin event is another NFL Shield patch- graded BGS 8.5 that sits at a $33,600 bid. 

Two young guns will make their playoff debuts this year as second-year star Joe Burrow leads the upstart Cincinnati Bengals and rookie sensation Mac Jones will look to curate his own legacy in New England as the Patriots return to the postseason after a short hiatus. Goldin has an NFL Shield Joe Borrow Patch Rookie Card graded BGS 9 that has hit $51,490 through 11 bids and could push above $75,000 by extended bidding. The acclaimed auction house will also sell a Panini Select Mac Jones Rookie Card that is numbered to ten, the same number Mac wears. The card is a gem mint PSA 10 and 26 bids have pushed its price to $15,600. 

Attainable Auctions

This feature includes cards and/or memorabilia that we find particularly interesting and are still available at an affordable price. 

There have not been any magazine IPOs on fractional platforms yet but that should not stop you from adding some (affordable) grails to your own personal collection. Goldin has a 1982-83 NCAA Basketball Schedule Program which features Michael Jordan in his first-ever appearance on the cover of a magazine. The document was published nearly a year before the University of North Carolina star would don the front page of Sports Illustrated in 1983 and while the S.I. edition has received plenty of attention from collectors over the years, this program is a unique and relatively unknown specimen.

Jordan is pictured with his back to the camera and his iconic number 23 jersey in clear view in a game against the Kentucky Wildcats. Collectors and investors can currently bid on this magazine for less than $200.

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