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Auction Action: Goldin December Auction Review

Auction Action: Goldin December Auction Review
December 21, 2021
Bradley Calleja

This week on Auction Action, the Altan Insights team virtually visits Goldin Auctions to review the results of their December Card Auction. Note that all Goldin Auction prices include 20% buyers premium. 


Asset: 1986-87 Fleer #57 Michael Jordan Rookie Card (PSA 10)

Goldin: $312,000

Collectable: $310,000

Rally (Exit): $72,000

Review: Sales for the 1986 Fleer Jordan have continued to trend in the $300,000 range over the weekend as both Goldin and PWCC struck prices for PSA 10 examples. Goldin’s card, from the Steve Aoki Collection, attracted 13 bids and settled at a final price of $312,000. The MJ rookie on Collectable now trades below recent comps and has dropped -18.4% over the last month. 


Asset: 2003-04 UD Ultimate Collection #127 LeBron James Signed Rookie Card (BGS 9.5)

Goldin: $114,000

Collectable: $155,841

Review: The Goldin result is the lowest price paid for a BGS 9.5 since July and while all  2021 auction prices have reached six-figures, this UD rookie LeBron has been one of the more volatile high profile cards on the market with sales surpassing $150,000 and then dropping back below $120,000. Collectable's UD LeBron has slipped -13.9% overall and is down -6.9% over the last month.


Asset: 1993 SP Foil #279 Derek Jeter Rookie Card (BGS 9.5)

Goldin: $15,666

Collectable (2 Cards): $42,892.50

Rally (1 card): $16,000

Review: Collectable’s basket has dropped significantly since IPO and is down -49.4% overall. Goldin has established itself as a consistently strong auction house for this card as there have been three sales that have exceeded $15,000 since August and all three occurred at Goldin. The hammer price for this single foil card still sits well below the price per card on Collectable but is similar to the single card at Rally. The Rally card has the same exact subgrades as the Goldin copy and is expected to trade soon after 231 investors filled the offering this Fall.


Asset: 2018 Panini National Treasures #163 Josh Allen Signed Patch Rookie Card (BGS 9)

Goldin: $43,200

Rally (BGS 9.5): $36,000

Review: Rally’s Josh Allen Rookie is graded higher than the Goldin card but was offered at a lower market cap. The Rally example has an average subgrade of 9.5 which includes a 10 for the ever-important ‘Centering’. The card sold by Goldin is impressive for a 9 and had an average subgrade of 9.25. The Goldin card featured a heated bidding war that attracted 9 bids in a 30 minute period, pushing the final price to a new record for any BGS 9 graded example of this /99 Allen RPA.

Asset: 2000 UD SP Authentic #118 Tom Brady Rookie Card (BGS 9.5)

Goldin: $48,600

Review: While not a direct comp since Collectable, Otis, and Rally all have PSA or BGS 10 graded examples, the overall market for the SP Brady Rookie is trending upward with this sale by Goldin. The final price of $48,600 is the highest since August and is only the second time a BGS 9.5 has sold for more than $48,500 since May. The Goldin card was not necessarily a stand out either in terms of subgrades or eye appeal, with an average grade of 9.375. The $48,600 hammer price is a positive move for a card that was once nearing six-figures earlier this year.


Asset: 2001 SP Authentic Tiger Woods Signed Rookie Card /900 (BGS 9.5/BGS 10)

Goldin: $33,600

Collectable: $25,560

Rally: $18,500

Review: This sale represented a strong positive move for the Tiger rookie card but investors should continue to track future results to see if the final price is related to the overall market or more to this particular card. The Goldin card carries impressive subgrades with two 10’s and two 9.5s. The average subgrade is 9.75, the highest a card can have before it’s given a BGS 10. Collectable’s card has a 10 for centering while the Goldin card is for surface. Collectable’s example is scheduled to begin trading on June 18th while the Rally card which carries all 9.5 subgrades except for a 9 on its edges is currently trading at its IPO market cap.


Asset: 2004 Panini Sports Mega Cracks Barca Campeon Lionel Messi Rookie Card (PSA 10)

Goldin: $7,200

Otis: $17,640

Review: After sales peaked near $20,00 earlier this year, prices have struggled to breakout for this Messi rookie. The Otis PSA 10 is down -30% since IPO and has dropped -10.83% over the last month. Prices for this Messi have failed to reach five figures since July and the last 11 sales have all settled between $5,500 - $9,000.

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