Index Update: The Week Closing 7/16/21 and Important Maintenance & Restatement Information

Before delving into the strong results from last week, some housekeeping and maintenance. Due to the discovery of stale pricing data on two assets included in the index in June and three assets included in the index in July, we are restating prior results to reflect the inclusion of the updated data. Below, you will find the originally reported number, in addition to the restated value for each date on which we've reported. While the differences are quite small (no more than 0.5% in any week), our priority is accuracy of data for our audience and the fractional community, and we will also prioritize communication to ensure you are kept apprised of any material changes.


Reported: 838.31

Restated: 841.99


Reported: 836.19

Restated: 835.64


Reported: 811.70

Restated: 810.97

Q2 Performance: -13.5% (vs. -13.4% previously)

YTD Performance: -18.9% (vs -18.8% previously)


Reported: 830.37

Restated: 830.35


Reported: 837.47

Restated: 841.62

On to the week ending 7/16, which was the strongest move in either direction to date.

Last Week: 841.62

This Week: 880.41

Performance Last Week: +4.6%

Performance Year-to-Date: -12.0%

Quarter-to-Date: +8.6%

Top 3 Index Performers Last Week (%)

1. Journey Into Mystery #83 (Rally) +83.5% (bought out)

2. 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle (Collectable) +41.8%

3. Lamborghini Diablo SE30 JOTA (Rally) +35.3%

Bottom 3 Index Performers Last Week (%)

1. 2017 Panini Flawless Emerald Patrick Mahomes RPA (Collectable) -14.8%

2. 2003 Fleer Crystal Trio (Collectable) -10.3%

3. 1969 Topps Basketball Complete Set (Collectable) -10.3%

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