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Trades and Trends by Altan Insights: July 10, 2021

Trades and Trends by Altan Insights: July 10, 2021
July 10, 2021
Bradley Calleja

Join Altan Insights as we highlight trading activity across the various alternative marketplaces with a combination of charts and penned analysis to help investors track trends and price movements that impact their portfolio.


Note: Only assets that traded for the entire week are included in data calculations and graphs.

Otis returned a positive week with an average platform return of 2.50%. The Original Apple iPhone set the pace with a 60.9% gain. The first fractionalized phone is up 133.3% since IPO- increasing its price per share from $10 to $23.33. The sealed 2G device IPO’d on May 26th and opened for trading on June 29th. Tracey Emin’s painting titled ‘Love is What You Want’ added 26.44% during the week while Kevin Durant’s 2007 Topps Refractor Rookie Card jumped 26.24%. Ten different assets gained at least 10% during the week on Otis. 

Eighty-seven different assets traded on Otis as sports cards represented 32% of the total offerings. Five asset classes returned positive weeks with art, card games, sports cards, comic books, and memorabilia all gaining on average. Three different asset classes gained at least 3% while only one asset class fell more than 2%. Sports memorabilia slipped -3.49% as the 1987 Magic Johnson Sneakers dropped -5.21%. The worst performing asset this week was the Super Mario Bros. 3 which descended -13.04%. The 1989 NES game is still up 600% since IPO but has struggled over the last three months, cutting its market cap by -12.5%.


Note: Only assets that traded for the entire week are included in data calculations and graphs.

Assets on Collectable returned 2.29% during the week as ten different offerings gained at least 14%. Sports memorabilia was the winner as seven of the ten best-performing assets came from the sector. There are 18 pieces of sports memorabilia on Collectable and the asset class represents 25.68% of the total assets currently trading on the platform. The 1951 Bowman Willie Mays Original Photo soared 67.93% followed by Michael Jordan’s Game-Used 1994 Bat which climbed 54.83%. Another Bowman original photo, George Mikan’s 1948 Rookie Card, jumped 49.8%. Golf was the best-performing sport on Collectable with an average return of 12.19%. The gain was carried by the 1990 Tournament-Used Tiger Woods putter which added 32.71% and the SP Authentic Tiger Woods Card which climbed 30.16%. Soccer was the worst-performing sport as the Lionel Messi Rookie Card Basket dropped -7.50%. 

The Kawhi Leonard Prizm Rookie Card Basket fell -36.84% followed by the 1993 Derek Jeter SP Foil card which dropped -34.91%. Tom Brady had a difficult week on Collectable with two offerings- the 2019 Panini Flawless and 2000 SP Authentic falling -19.19% and -10.88% respectively. Sports memorabilia gained 15.40% an average while sports cards slipped -2.24%. 


Assets on Rally returned a positive week on average- gaining 1.79%. The 1959 Roberto Clemente Game-Used Bat added 66.67% to its market cap to lead on the platform. The Clemente bat IPO’d with a $70,000 market cap and fell -57.1% during its initial trading session, dropping to a $30,000 valuation. The H&B bat carries the ‘Momen’ moniker which was a nickname Clemente would give his bats. The 1999 Lotus Esprit Sport 350 climbed 33.33% which pushed the total return for the late 20th-century UK-produced automobile to a 43.9% gain overall. Two books also closed positively- Carroll’s ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’ and Robert Frost’s ‘A Boy’s Will’ added 8.11% and 4.11%  to the respective market caps.

Sixteen different assets traded during the week with sports cards representing 25% of them. The sector fell flat, returning -0.71 on average. Three asset classes finished positive on average as books, cars, and sports memorabilia all gained. Card games continued to struggle on the fractional market as the asset class dropped -30% on average due to a sell-off in the 1999 Pokémon Charizard Holo Card which slipped in its first trading session. Video games, comic books, and wine also all fell during the week. The video game drop was driven by the 1986 NES Donkey Kong 3 which tumbled -21% while comic books fell -18.13% due to a dip in the market cap of a copy of Marvel’s 1962 Fantastic Four #5.

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