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Trophy Case Appreciation: Sports-centric Collectable Launches in June

Trophy Case Appreciation: Sports-centric Collectable Launches in June
April 7, 2020
Russell Lieberman

What is Collectable?...

Collectable is a marketplace that offers investors an opportunity to co-own and participate in the financial performance of rare, valuable, and culturally significant sports-related assets. Its upcoming launch is exciting news for the emerging fractional share alternative asset industry and serves as further validation of the concept. It’s also a welcome shake up for the roughly $5.4 billion sports memorabilia market in need of this type of innovation.

• Said Collectable Founder and CEO Ezra Levine “We are excited to offer a modern approach to the sports memorabilia industry. Our brand will provide access to iconic sports memorabilia to sports fans, regardless of socioeconomic status, along with elevated content, data, and live events. We’re also thrilled to offer a differentiated sales channel for memorabilia sellers, one that has more optionality and fewer fees.”

What will it offer?...

• Iconic memorabilia, historically significant items such as championship rings, game-worn apparel, and vintage and modern sports cards. The company also plans to offer curated themed baskets of their offerings, comparable to an ETF in the stock market, a welcome differentiator.

How does it work?...

• Co-Founders Levine and Jason Epstein are leveraging a combination of data and an experienced committee comprised of seasoned collectors in the selection process of which assets to acquire, register with the SEC, fractionalize, and then offer to their users.

• When Collectable receives a tender offer on an asset, shareholders will be empowered with a vote in order to voice their opinion on whether to continue to hold or sell the asset, another welcome differentiator. The investment team will also be relied upon for guidance.

• There will be a secondary market to buy and sell shares in order to provide liquidity.

Do any other marketplaces offer sports memorabilia?...

Rally has held IPO's on 11 sports related items, ranging from the heralded Honus Wagner “T206” Card offered at $520,000, to a pair of Zion Williamson Game-Worn Sneakers at $15,000 (that we wrote about here). An additional 3 sports-related offerings are listed as coming soon.

SportBLX is advertising the ability to own shares of athletes and teams, but thus far their offerings have been limited to thoroughbred horses. For the time being, SportBLX seems to be competing for market share with MyRacehorse as opposed to Rally or Collectable. While Levine wouldn’t dismiss the possibility of Collectable offering minority ownership in professional franchises, the main focus is on the memorabilia.

Okay, let's do this...

• Collectable launches in June with 5 offerings, with more set to drop shortly thereafter. We inquired as to what items we can expect at launch, but unfortunately SEC laws are strict about solicitation pre-approval, leaving us in suspense. We're excited to see what they step in the ring with.

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