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Auction Action: RMSotheby's Race-Driven Ferrari F1-2000

Auction Action: RMSotheby's Race-Driven Ferrari F1-2000
April 6, 2023
Keenan Flack

The legendary Prancing Horse took center stage at Sotheby's Luxury Week in Hong Kong from April 1st to 5th, the racing world beholds the breathtaking 2000 Ferrari F1-2000, a marvel of engineering and a symbol of the transcendent talent of Michael Schumacher. Estimated to fetch between $7,500,000 and $9,500,000 USD, this masterpiece is among the most celebrated creations in the history of motorsport.


While not quite in record-breaking territory (2022 saw Sotheby’s sell a 2003 Schumacher driven Scuderia for $14.9 million) this sale has a good chance of being the second most expensive F1 Ferrari sold at auction. If it breaks the high estimate of $7.5 million it would surpass the second most expensive public sale of a Schumacher auto.  

That being said, the sale is at the tippy-top of the range of formula 1 cars. Being driven by arguably (or inarguably according to this author) the greatest driver in the sport, in his prime, on several iconic Grand Prix circuits including Brazil, Spain, and Monaco. This chassis may have only appeared in those three races during the 2000 season, but its impact can be felt by it allowing Michael’s first world driver’s championship for the Italian motorsports juggernaut.

This car only found one win in the second race of the season, Interlagos in Sao Paulo, (the whole season saw Schumacher win 9 in total), but it is attached to some unique moments in the driver’s career. Namely, his only pole position at the most prestigious race in motorsports, the Monaco Grand Prix.

Winning in Brazil

This chassis’ somewhat unspectacular placements is a testament to the value of race-driven Formula 1 cars. Although you can find F1 cars from less lauded brands somewhere in the six figure range at auction, if you are buying a car that was driven by names like Fangio, Hamilton, Prost, or Schumacher (that is to say Michael, not Ralf or Mick), then expect to pay a healthy premium.

Aside from being a representation of Michael Schumacher’s legacy at Ferrari, the car is also a wonder of motor sport engineering and a symbol of what can happen when a dream team actually comes together.

After a few years of languishing in the middle of the pack, Ferrari team principal Jean Todt began making some significant changes to the organization. Previously plagued by indecision and infighting, he elected to bring in the core behind F1 team Benetton’s success: Michael Schumacher as driver, Ross Brawn as Technical Director, and Rory Byrne as Chief Designer. It took two years working through the car’s reliability issues, but once those were figured out, they had a winner. The trio (or quartet including Todt) went on to secure six constructors cups in a row. Finally bringing a constructor’s title back to Italy and the most beloved name in racing after a 17 year drought.

They may have won the WCC the year prior in 1999, but this 2000 car was the true beginning of the Ferrari era. The year of Michael’s first driver championship in red. The year of Michael equalling the number of race wins as formula one legend Ayrton Senna; followed by one of the more heartbreaking moments in the history of the sport. Only watch if you like crying.

If all of that history was somehow not enough, the car comes with a “Ferrari Classische” certification. Which is essentially a certificate of authenticity granted to 20+ year old cars that go through a rigorous examination by a “Ferrari Master Technician”. Not only that, but the car is likely a shoe-in for Ferrari’s “Corse Clienti” program. Which, for a fee, gives clients the ability to race their seven-figure F1 cars on world famous circuits. All you need is a sufficiently impressive Ferrari and about $15,000 for a day at the track. And if we’re being honest, if you can afford the car, the 15 grand won’t be an issue.

To celebrate the auction house’s 50 years of operating in Asia they are selling an Italian car, operated by a German driver, that was used in South America and Europe; an interesting spin, to say the least. Greatness attracts fans from all over though, and Schumacher has no shortage of fans on the continent. And hey, any excuse to celebrate Schumie is a welcome one.


Photo Credit: Sotheby's

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