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Auction Action: Goldin December Preview

Auction Action: Goldin December Preview
December 17, 2021
Bradley Calleja

Goldin Auctions Preview

This weekend, Goldin will close their December Card and Memorabilia Auction with multiple lots that should reach five and six-figure prices. Goldin has an array of recognizable cards such as the 1986 Fleer Michael Jordan and the 2003-03 UD Ultimate Collection LeBron James that headline his event and Altan Insights will complete a full review of relevant results after the auction closes. 

Fractional Wish List

This section highlights assets that would fit in the fractional world but have not been offered as of publication. 

Filling complete vintage sets is an arduous task that challenges the top collectors and investors. Goldin has two high-profile complete sets up for auction this week that have already attracted a high volume of bids with three days remaining in the event. One of the most sought-after pre-war sets is the 1933 Goudey Big League Gum series. In order to fill a complete set, collectors need to obtain 239 cards although there is a 240th entry- the Napoleon Lojoie which was produced in 1934. Highlighting this set is four Babe Ruth cards, three Joe Cronin examples, and two cards featuring Jimmy Foxx. Historically, the Goudey set is considered the series that established the template for modern cardboard as the industry shifted from the original tobacco cards to thick pasteboard. Goldin’s set carries 239 cards all authenticated by PSA with grades ranging from Poor to Very Good. 

Arguably the most appealing post-war series ever printed, the 1952 Topps Complete set features 407 cards that are famous for their white borders that frame an intense color scheme. The legendary lineup includes names like Jackie Robinson, Mickey Mantle, Willie Mays, and Roy Campanella. The Topps series has attracted 32 bids and is priced at $51,000 while the Goudey set sits at $31,000 through 15 bids heading into the weekend. While cards from both these sets have been offered by fractional platforms, complete set offerings have been limited and there has been no complete baseball set IPOs yet. 

It is time for a fractional Kaboom. That is the sentence.

Goldin is carrying a pair of cards from the Panini series that feature GOATs of their respective sports. Lionel Messi is a seven-time Ballon D’Or winner the all-time leading scorer for both Argentina and Barcelona. Messi cards have reached six figures on multiple occasions at Goldin and while this Messi card is not expected to reach record prices, it will likely be the most expensive soccer card sold at this event. The 2018 Panini KABOOM! Gold Messi is from a print run of ten and graded BGS 9.5, which is the highest graded example with a population of two. This gem mint card is currently priced at $33,000 through the first 14 bids.

Another Kaboom that is garnering attention is the 2021 Panini Absolute Gold Tom Brady. This card is also one of ten and displays Tampa Tom as a New England Patriot. The card is the only graded PSA 9 and there are two graded PSA 10. The TB12 Kaboom has 16 bids at the time of writing and sits at $16,000. Kabooms are one of the rarest Panini inserts with just one per case and have become a favorite among collectors due to their vivid yet simple design.

Ask any collector or investor to list sports cards that are potentially undervalued and there is a good chance hockey will make their list. While the 2000s were dominated by Ovechkin and Crosby, the latter half of the 2010s showcased a new era of stars that were led by Connor McDavid. Only of the best all-around players to ever lace up skates, McDavid has established himself as a top-tier scorer through the early part of his career. In 2020, McDavid was so impactful as both a scorer and a passer, that even if he had not scored a single goal all season, he still would have finished with the second-most points in the league. The Edmonton Oilers superstar center is off to a hot start in 2021 as well and currently leads the NHL in both assists and points. 

Modern hockey has attracted limited representation on fractional platforms so far, with Ovi and Sid the only players to IPO outside of Gretzky, Lemieux, and Howe. Goldin has a 2015-16 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection #109 McDavid signed rookie card that is a limited edition card from a print run of 99 examples. The Goldin offering carries a BGS 9.5 and is one of 12 that carries gem mint status with none graded higher. 

Cards with Catalysts

This feature includes assets with an upcoming event that could impact the short-term value of the card or collectible.

Fresh off a first-place finish at The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Max Verstappen is currently the Formula 1 point leader with 10 wins and 18 podium appearances in 2021. While Lewis Hamilton rightfully attracts the majority of attention from the F1 universe, Verstappen is quickly establishing himself as a household name during a period of monumental growth for racing.

Goldin has a 2020 Chrome F1 Sapphire SP Purple Max Verstappen that carries a PSA 10 grade. The card is out of ten and is the only one with a gem mint grade. Bidding started at $100 and has already attracted 32 bids with a current price of $13,000. 

Attainable Auctions

This feature includes cards that we find particularly interesting and are still available at an affordable price. 

While I usually would never recommend buying a card that you can’t see, anytime I see a John Cena card from a limited print run, I must recommend.

‘You can’t see me’ jokes aside, Goldin has a 2020 Topps Chrome WWE Black Refractor John Cena graded PSA 10 that is currently sitting at a $100 bid with less than three days remaining in the auction. One of the most influential professional wrestlers, Cena has developed a fan-friendly brand and while a 2020 Cena Refractor is unlikely to appear on a fractional platform anytime soon, it is a limited-edition piece for someone looking to diversify their PC.

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