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Auction Action by Altan Insights: September 21, 2021

Auction Action by Altan Insights: September 21, 2021
September 21, 2021
Bradley Calleja

This week on Auction Action, the Altan Insights team virtually visits Goldin Auctions to review their Comics, Video Game & TCG Elite Auction.

There were four different comic books at the Goldin Auctions that were once owned by investors on Rally. All four received buyout offers that were accepted and the comics reappeared at the Goldin event. All four of the comics sold for a higher price at Goldin and in the case of the Incredible Hulk #181, the Goldin price with buyer's premium was 60% higher than the accepted buyout price. While Goldin does add 20% to the winning bid of each item, the price before the addition of the buyer's premium was still above the accepted buyout amount for each of the comics.

Comic Books

Asset: 1964 Marvel Comics "Daredevil" #1 (CGC 9.0)

Goldin: $24,600

Rally (EXIT): $19,895

Review: The Daredevil #1 exceeded the buyout accepted by Investors on Rally by nearly $5,000. The Goldin comic attracted 20 bids and outpaced a $24,000 sale for a CGC 9.0 at Heritage in June. Marvel’s Daredevil #1 has displayed strong appreciation over the last few years. The highest sale price for a CGC 9.0 example in 2019 was $13,900 and the series now has multiple sales over $20,000.

Asset: 1962 Marvel Comics "Journey Into Mystery" #83 (CGC 9.4)

Goldin: $319,800

Rally (EXIT): $247,570

Review: Seven bidders helped push the 1962 Marvel Journey Into Mystery towards a new record for any CGC 9.4 graded example. The final sale price settled $72,000 higher than the buyout offer accepted by investors on Rally. 

Asset: 1974 Marvel Comics "Incredible Hulk" #181 (CGC 9.8)

Goldin: $87,330

Rally (EXIT): $54,300

Otis: $75,000

Review: Even though the Otis example has gained 114.29% since IPO, it still sits under the final price struck at Goldin’s event. The Goldin comic sold for a 60.8% premium to the buyout price paid for on Rally. The Goldin result is similar to a sale for another CGC 9.8 example that went for $84,000 at Heritage on September 8th. 

Asset: 1963 Marvel Comics "Avengers" #1 (CGC 9.6)

Goldin: $369,000

Rally (EXIT): $309,850

Otis (CGC 9.4): $155,000

Review: Sales for the Avengers #1 in a CGC 9.6 are incredibly rare as there are just 5 total examples in that grade with none higher. In total, 16 bids were placed for the Goldin comic book which helped propel the example to a 

Asset: 1962 Marvel Comics "Amazing Fantasy" #15

Goldin (CGC 8.5): $707,250

Rally (EXIT- CGC 8): $229,888.27

Review: Fresh off a record-breaking result at Heritage Auctions just a few weeks prior, the Amazing Fantasy #15 at Goldin set a new record for this iconic series. The final price of $707,250 is the most expensive price ever paid for a CGC 8.5 graded example.

Card Games

Asset: 1999 Pokemon 1st Edition Holographic #4 Charizard (PSA 10)

Goldin: $270,600

Rally: $245,000

Review: Rally’s Charizard slipped -30% in its last trading session after opening at a $350,000 market cap in March. The highest realized price for this Charizard Holo was struck by PWCC for $506,969 on February 20th. Goldin’s card drew 15 bids and settled at a final price above Rally’s current market cap. 

Asset: 2000 Pokemon Neo Genesis 1st Edition Holographic #9 Lugia (PSA 10)

Goldin: $47,970

Rally: $80,000

Review: Rally IPO’d their Lugia in March for $110,000 and the PSA 10 graded Pokemon card tumbled -27.27% in its first trading session on July 14th.

Asset: 2000 Pokemon Neo Genesis 1st Edition Factory Sealed Booster Box

Goldin: $29,520

Rally: $45,000

Review: The box know for holding the first-edition Lugia card, Rally IPO’d their sealed booster on April 14th and it is expected to open for trading on October 7th. The Goldin sale is slightly below other recent comps but falls near the $30,000-$40,000 range that Neo Genesis boxes have sold for this summer. 

Asset: 1999 Pokemon Jungle 1st Edition Booster Box

Goldin (2 boxes): $23,370

Goldin (1 box): $13,530

Rally (1 box): $27,600

Review: Lot #165 contained a single box that closed with a final price of $13,530. Lot #166 featured two boxes that settled with a final bid of $23,370. Rally’s sealed box has slipped -20% from its IPO price of $34,500 and last traded on July 22nd.

Asset: 1999 Pokemon Fossil 1st Edition Unopened Booster Box

Goldin: $11,070

Rally: $17,220

Review: Rally IPO’d their Fossil box in January for $21,000 and the sealed booster has dropped -18% on their secondary market overall. The box found some momentum in its last trading session though- gaining 13.89% on July 28th.

Asset: 2000 Pokemon Gym Heroes 1st Edition Unopened Booster Box

Goldin: $12,300

Rally: $18,000

Review: PWCC sold a 1st Edtion Gym Heroes Box on February 27th for $19,400 and prices have failed to reach that level since. Rally offered their box in March and it is scheduled to trade for the first time on October 8th.

Asset: 2000 Pokemon Team Rocket 1st Edition Unopened Booster Box

Goldin: $14,760

Rally: $19,950

Review: Rally’s Team Rocket Box dropped -30% in its first trading session on June 30th. This auction result is a positive trend for the Team Rocket series as Goldin previously sold a Team Rocket Box for $11,400 in August.

Video Games

Asset: 1989 NES Nintendo (USA) "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" (WATA 9.4/A+)

Goldin: $20,910

Rally: $22,000

Review: Over 350 investors bought into the first fractionalized TMNT video game IPO at a $22,000 market cap. The Goldin result was propelled by 21 bids and settled at a price similar to the valuation found on Rally.

Asset: 1998 Nintendo Game Boy (USA) "Pokémon Blue Version" (WATA 9.4/A+)

Goldin: $14,760

Rally: $26,400

Otis: $15,000

Review: Both the Rally and Otis examples have traded positively as the Rally copy climbed 57.14% in its last trading session while the Otis game has gained 10% since IPO. The Goldin copy had an A+ seal versus the A carried by both fractional examples and settled at a price under the market caps of both fractional offerings. 

Asset: 1998 Nintendo Game Boy (USA) "Pokemon Red Version" (WATA 9.4/A++)

Goldin: $44,280

Rally (WATA 9.2): $40,000

Otis: $75,225

Review: Otis IPO’d their copy of Pokémon Red on July 20th for $75,000 and the Gameboy game has rallied 9.93% over the last week.

Asset: 1998 N64 Nintendo 64 (USA) "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time" (WATA 9.6/A++)

Goldin: $44,280

Rally: $100,000

Review: Although not a direct comp, the game signaled a positive move for the Zelda series. Heritage sold a WATA 9.6 A++ Sealed example for $31,200 in April and this Goldin result outpaces any other non-collectors edition result in a 9.6 grade. Rally’s game carries the same grade as the Goldin example although the Rally copy is a collector’s edition copy. Collector’s edition examples were only available to individuals who pre-ordered the game.

Asset: 2001 XBOX (USA) "Halo: Combat Evolved" (WATA 9.4/A)

Goldin: $15,990

Rally: $17,000

Review: 190 investors funded the Halo on Rally which IPO’d with a $17,000 market cap. The Goldin game closed after 18 bids pushed the final price to $15,990. Rally’s copy carries a seal rating of A+ versus the Goldin example which had an A for its seal. 

Asset: 1989 Nintendo Game Boy "Super Mario Land" Yellow Screenshots

Goldin: $13,530

Otis: $24,255

Review: Both the Goldin and Otis examples carry the same grade for the game and seal. The Otis copy IPO’d on April 7th for $14,700 and has since climbed 65% since IPO but has slipped -15% over the last week. 

Additional Results:

1985 NES Nintendo (USA) "Super Mario Bros." (Early Production) Two Code Hangtab Sealed Video Game (WATA 9.2/A): $676,500

1987 NES Nintendo (USA) "Mike Tyson's Punch Out!!" Oval SOQ (Late Production) Sealed Video Game (WATA 9.0/A+): $47,970

1963 Marvel Comics "X-Men" #1 (CGC 8.5): $158,400

1962 Marvel Comics (CGC 7.0): $75,030

All Goldin sales include 20% buyer’s premium

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